January 6, 2015

Parts three and four of the the Afterparty interview with former Sandinista and now democracy activist Benjamin Lugo. You can read the first parts here: http://thevisionproject.com/2015/01/05/benjamin-lugo-on-the-betrayal-of-the-sandinista-revolution-and-the-tenuous-hope-for-nicaraguan-democracy/ Thanks to Afterparty project intern Anaka Allen for transcribing the interview. PART 3 Dictatorship Brian: What was the decision-making process for (Nicaragua President and former Sandinista guerrilla leader) Ortega to finally …

Part Two of Ben Lugo Interview: A Former Sandinista on Why Ortega Has To Go Read More »

After defeating the Japanese and the French Vichy government, working closely with the United States OSS, Ho Chi Minh wrote the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence and proclaimed the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2nd, 1945. He shared this at a Hanoi rally estimated to at a half million. —————- “All men are created equal. They …

What Ho Chi Minh Said To A Half Million Vietnamese in 1945 Read More »

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