Doing political travel writing on Kickstarter crowdfunding budgets offers modest economic returns. But emails like these, years after the publishing of “WAR: The Afterparty,” makes the effort sweet and worthwhile. The books opens with my two week visit to Guatemala, interviewing witnesses, professors, politicos and an exiled ex-president about the 1953 CIA overthrow of democratically elected Jacobo Arbenz, and the cycles of violence it spawned.


hi, enthralled with the ARBENZ & GONZALEZ article with my brother Julio. my name use to be: marion gonzalez hofstetter,

recently changed to my artistic name. i’m fascinated when i can find an article about my family. Julio is truly a statesman , i love very much. we returned to the USA, Chicago, met my Dad, 16yrs age. sophomore year, 17 Sr. yr. he was kidnapped and assassinated, compliments of the CIA

Brian , thank you sir, for honoring my Father & Brother Humberto, by my brother Julio. Julio is an extremely brilliant politician. a unique breed, he has honor, dignity, highest ethics, no compromise there. true love of Guatemala, the people & the land ,his love, his mistress! LoL!

thank you so much. i felt an abundance of pride!
beautifully written!!!so grateful!

God Bless, any other articles please send me a link.

i’m the youngest, 68