Thank you to French poet Sophie Foucher for her lovely testimonial. I had the privilege to coach Sophie through the editing, design, and publishing of her poetry anthology Alchemy of Love. Each poem is in both English and her native French and features an original hand-painted illustration  For information on coaching, editing, publishing, and marketing services to take your book from concept to completion, check out my new partnership with Tom Vater and Henry Roi. 


“Brian has been my Jiminy Cricket to help me finish my first work as an author and artist. He was guiding me the all time, and I could go where I needed to go in the process of this work without any hesitation. 

“He supported not only the flow of my work but also giving very beneficial advice on marketing ideas. He made the connection for me to get a graphic designer and supervised all the work also in this field. He did my proof reading in English and still gave me marketing and strategy advice till now. I’m so grateful I met him for my first project, because he had removed all limitations to realise the finishing product. 

“He is specialised in self-publication so the distribution part is through Amazon (in my case). 

“Brian was also with when I first give a lecture of my book in front of an audience and today I can lecture during book festivals with ease. 

“He is enthusiastic, realistic, find solutions fast, he is reliable, affordable, super communicative, and funny. 

“Beside, the book project, I also met an amazing human being and working together was a source of joy and immense pleasure. That also inspire me a lot to work in this way now. 

“Cannot wait to collaborate again with him from his tropical island Koh Phangan!”

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