Farsi Nadhmi Facebook pageI was delighted to see one of my favorite interview subjects from Iraq, Professor Faris Nadhmi, post favorable comments about “WAR: The Afterparty” on his Facebook page.  I’ve since been contacted and ‘friended’ by a number of his colleagues, sharing thoughts about the book.  I have attached the interview with Farsi as a PDF on the Patreon crowdfunding site. You can download it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/5728981?alert=1

To get the book, go to:


Facebook’s translation feature is imperfect, and perhaps someone can provide a more complete rendition, but here are his comments:

“A new book about the sins of the administration of America across the continents, including in Iraq..!

(an interview with the author within the chapter on Iraq)

• Issued before the days of a book in the English language, Who can translate is entitled to: (a world tour in half a century of military interventions in the American).

• The book is an important document on the overall survey of political and social developments that have occurred in a number of countries, including Iraq, in the aftermath of war or the interventions of America.

• The Author is an American journalist left Brian Gruber, who conducted a global tour included a number of countries that have suffered from the military interventions of America, where many survey conducted interviews with political figures and civil intellectual in those countries who lived experiences of war in their countries. Countries:Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Serbia, and Afghanistan, India, and China, and Iraq.

• I was among Iraqis who made their perceptions in this book about the role of the post-9 April 2003, and what role played by the occupation in being the authority of the current political Islam

This interview is published within the pages (355-363) from the book.

• The book is available in paper within the site Amazon.com to those wishing to acquire it. It can also be downloaded from the site itself after the inauguration programme of Kindle download and buy the book for a visa card.


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WAR: The Afterparty is a round-the-world tour through countries that have received American military forces in the pursuit of freedom, democracy, justice, and the free flow of commerce. In Southeast Asia, the Greater Middle East, the Balkans and Central America, author Brian Gruber records oral histories from political and religious leaders, writers, teachers, mothers and combatants who witnessed history from the other end of the gun barrel.

Do we accomplish in war what we say we will? After the party is over, what are war’s real effects?

This is the story of the Afterparty, in the words of those uniquely able to make an assessment.