I’m pleased to help my dear friend and workshop co-facilitator Kaila Dalgleish at her extraordinary Content Castle on Koh Samui during the month of August as she cares for her gorgeous new baby. I have taught workshops at the Castle in years past but this is my first extended stay. I will conduct workshops and provide personal coaching for the writing residents and help with project editing.


Here is some more from the Castle website about this innovative writers community.


“This six-bedroom design house on Koh Samui, ideally-located five minutes from charming Lamai and just a 15-minute drive from the ferry port, is filled with a multitude of inspirational corners, reading nooks, meditation hideaways, and writing alcoves. Spacious balconies are hung with hammocks and loungers to relax, read, or write overlooking the expansive seaview afforded by our prime beachside location.

“The Content Castle offers a three-month intensive finishing programme designed to help writers perfect the craft of writing. The programme features workshops and roundtables so you can polish your writing and editing skills, build a portfolio, and learn to market your skills to clients, publications, and businesses.”