In my travels through Vietnam, I’ve talked to young people for whom the “American War” is ancient history, and to elders who lived through Japanese atrocities, French colonial capitalism and the civil war with the US-supported South. The first part of my interview with the 77-year old professor Dao Quang Hung can be found here. …

Hanoi Communist, Science Teacher, Jehovah’s Witness and Eyewitness to Three Decades of War: Grandfather Dao Has A Prescription for American Foreign Policy Read More »

After defeating the Japanese and the French Vichy government, working closely with the United States OSS, Ho Chi Minh wrote the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence and proclaimed the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2nd, 1945. He shared this at a Hanoi rally estimated to at a half million. —————- “All men are created equal. They …

What Ho Chi Minh Said To A Half Million Vietnamese in 1945 Read More »

Enjoying some recovery and recuperation in Hanoi. Two more days here visiting museums and then, points south. A visit to the Gulf of Tonkin town of Vinh. When President Johnson declared the USS Maddox was attacked by two North Vietnamese patrol boats on August 4th, 1964 (it never happened), US planes ravaged Vinh and surrounding …

Vietnam Itinerary Read More »

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