Music critic Geoff Gehman interviews Bill during the Crosswinds tour with a nice mention of the new book.

Q: You collaborated with Brian Gruber on a new book about your life, career and world view set during last year’s sets with Barker’s big band at Ronnie Scott’s. Why did you decide to go so deep with Gruber? I know he’s a fellow adventurer from Brooklyn, a new-media specialist who launched a live-streaming showcase for gigs in jazz clubs.

Bill Cobham: What’s really special abut Brian is that he keeps an open mind. He absorbs information and translates it really well. He puts what I say into words that I think the general public can handle. I feel very comfortable that the passages I’ve read represent what I’ve been through and who I am accurately.

Geoff sent me a follow up note that I don’t mind sharing.

“Looking forward to having your noble, necessary book in my hands. Billy C. is a superior musician, teacher, thinker and envoy. And you and Guy Barker are no slouches, either. All in all  a really well-made match.”

Thanks, Geoff!

Sonic Astronaut