OK, time’s here for Kickstarter campaign fans who like to torment Creators by funding at the 11th hour. We are a few thousand away from hitting our goal and the campaign ends in a day. As you know, if you don’t hit your goal, no moneys are drawn and the campaign fails. YIKES!

Surmountable was nominated last week by Kickstarter as one of their “Projects We Love.”


I hit the Bangkok airport tonight to start my travel around the USA and the world to scenes of historical political protests to gather stories for a playbook on citizen engagement. We have great Rewards for funders from signed books to events to a week of creative writing on a Thai island. My backpack is groaning from the extra gear and I’m all in. How about you???? America and the world need you. Big hugs from The Road. Hit this link or click on any of the images to find out more about the campaign.


“Surmountable” is Kickstarter’s top Print Journalism and featured Publishing project.