maze4The world throws 5,000 commercial messages at you every day and your email box is overflowing. You run hard, and are thoughtful about life and work, but it’s hard to focus on big ideas like purpose and vision. We are fascinated by the process of visioning, how individuals and organizations develop audacious, aspirational visions and make them happen. The Vision Project is founded by long-time entrepreneur, executive and author Brian Gruber, who has made a career of inspiring teams in pursuit of big goals and big ideas.

The Vision Project empowers you to craft, achieve and inspire people around your personal or group vision. We provide the three key components for successful visioning: a great process, seasoned support and rich media for a deeper dive at your own pace.

101visionsWhat makes for a visionary? The word is subjective, and is used liberally.

Here’s my standard: someone who crafted a unique vision, inspired people around it and made it happen, with big, positive impact in the world.

Merriam-Webster describes a visionary as “having or marked by, foresight and imagination,” as in a visionary leader or invention.

I have spent much of my career admiring or working around visionaries, people who have carved out new ground and changed our lives. I’ve interviewed many of them during my work at C-SPAN, and I’ve led teams with big goals and started companies. I’m curious:

What is the process of creation for refining a vision, motivating people with it and executing it?

101 Visions intends to explore that idea, via interviews with 100 people who have successful acted on their visions. I look forward to sharing those interviews with you on our 101Visions YouTube channel and blog. And, when we reach 100, I intend to publish them in a book with a template for the 101st vision: yours.

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