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Surmountable \sər·moun’tə·bəl\, adj.

  • capable of being overcome or conquered despite the challenges ahead
  • the opposite of insurmountable
  • a new book by Brian Gruber and Adam Edwards

The American Constitution was revolutionary and inspired the world because it put citizens in charge with a specific blueprint for how to keep aristocrats, autocrats, and chaos at bay. We are at an extraordinary moment when Americans from every part of the political spectrum feel abandoned and disaffected, the system paralyzed and corrupted.

It wasn’t always this way. Throughout our history, everyday Americans organized and effectively moved the needle on big ideas and causes that mattered. Executive producer Adam Edwards and acclaimed author Brian Gruber are partnering to explore why that is no longer the case, what we can learn from history, and how citizens can engage in 2019 to move mountains.

We believe our current challenges are surmountable as those came before us faced much greater odds and won — from the women’s suffrage and civil rights movements to the single person responsible for the most recent Constitutional amendment to the Bonus Army veterans who helped swing the 1932 election to see justice served.

We have plenty of history books. We need a playbook. Adam is funding the writing process, but we are looking for your help to fund the travel, production, and other elements to deliver an important new book and big impact. We will harvest fresh narratives from witnesses to history, family members, key stakeholders, thought leaders, those behind the scenes who solved the logistics, and those who imagined the big ideas that moved the country.

Our goal is to understand how they surmounted seemingly impossible obstacles and how they brought the vision of the country’s founders alive. And, depending on the funds raised, we will travel to the scenes of historic global protests from Berlin to Tunis to Seoul to mine provocative stories for models and lessons learned.