DownBeat, the “granddaddy of music magazines” has just asked to do a review of the book. Jazz FM, London’s premiere jazz radio station interviewed me for a feature on their highest rated show, airing Saturday, August 25.

There is a new, superb review from the UK’s top jazz magazine Jazzwise.

And this from Eric “Doc” Smith.

“Brian Gruber’s fantastic new book… has captured Cobham’s anecdotes, insights, and humor like no one before him… Gruber gives us a rare, behind the scenes look at the making of a six night performance… Gruber virtually puts the reader in the cafe, the nightclub, or in the car alongside him and Cobham. There are so many fantastic stories and so much musical history…

“Brian Gruber’s “Six Days at Ronnie Scott’s: Billy Cobham on Jazz Fusion and the Act of Creation”, will certainly stand the test of time alongside some of the greatest tomes ever penned about jazz musicians.”