Music Critic Mike Tiano Interview with Billy Cobham and Me: “The Book Is Off the Hook”

Music critic Mike Tiano of “Something Else,” introducing a conversation with Bill Cobham and me on the Crosswinds tour, prior to the book’s public release.
“Gruber has been an innovator in creating new forms of media and is no stranger to interviewing famous individuals. To read more about the breadth and depth of Gruber’s career, view his bio at his web site Gruber Media.
“Gruber figures largely in this continuation of our chat, discussing his own role in capturing the story behind the event at Ronnie Scott’s and the numerous stories culled from Cobham’s long and winding musical journey…
“There is much in the book that will fascinate those interested in the history of popular music from the 1960s forward, regardless of their familiarity with Cobham’s career. Upon reaching the conclusion chances are that having been swept up in Gruber’s revelations and Cobham’s encounters the reader will find it hard to resist ordering the book: this conversation barely scratches the surface.
“To coin a phrase that Cobham uses frequently, the book is off the hook, man – definitely, off the hook.”
Read the interview here.
Buy the book here.
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