My Fifth Book FULL MOON OVER KOH PHANGAN is Published

This first-ever full-length nonfiction book on Koh Phangan’s characters, communities, and magnetic appeal is an oral history, with stories gathered from 25 diverse perspectives.

This first edition will be an ebook, available for $4.95 at Later this year an expanded edition will be published in print and ebook formats, with stories from Phangan’s neighborhoods, temples, beaches, waterfalls, and iconic landmarks.

What attracts Phangan’s eclectic range of adventurers? What makes this island so uniquely interesting and attractive to visitors seeking a new life, transcendence, restoration or, simply, a memorable, gorgeous respite from the world? There are many beautiful islands and tropical beaches. But there seems a special dose of magic in the island’s coves and mountains. People come for three weeks, then stay 13 years.

These 25 longtime residents share their answers to those questions.

Participants in the book include:
Gill Beddows, The Sanctuary
Joe Cummings, Lonely Planet Thailand
Daliah and Ari Barkan, Orion Healing Centre
Phra Olarn, Buddhist monk, Loyfa resort owner
Nathan Parker, Why Nam beach
Hinch, Twisted Village. Chaloklum
Prapan Daewwanich, Koh Phangan Phuiyaiban (village chief)
Robin Vos, Bubba’s Roastery
Ara Willeke, Haad Khontee
Sarana Kursakul, Coral Bungalows
Nattakit Libprapakorn, Sand & Tan
Karine and Melanie, L’Alcove
John Fitton, EcoThailand
Charlie Solares, SAGE Land and House
Suriyan Boonya, nephew of monk who established Phangan’s national park
Michal Ora, founder, Green Gallery Srithanu
Robert Van Dam, Jam Bar
Jintamard Sinlapaprommard, eco activist
Tomas Krocka, Safari Boat
Michael Doyle, The Sanctuary
Marc Guede, Kupu Kupu resort, Echo Beach
Oliver Benjamin, The Tao of the Dude
Joe Ling, Ling Sabai Bungalows
Yuval “Fluke” Birman, Wonderland Healing Center

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