Personal Visioning

The Personal Visioning coaching process consists of seven exercises that chart a course toward the life you want. Do all exercises in one day, or take some time for reflection by doing them over the course of a week. The program can be done virtually over Skype, or in person.


Contact me at for a free, no-risk consultation. This introductory session walks you through the process of visioning, explains why Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living and engages you in your first exercise.

"I have done a personal vision quest process with Brian. It has been a truly transformational experience for me. With the help of Brian I have managed to get a much clearer vision for my future, and see the actions necessary to take. This has brought me greater peace and clarity in my daily life. Furthermore, even putting the vision aside, Brian's program dives into many other aspects of our being, and led me to other revelations about myself. Brian is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to sharpen his vision and his self understanding." -- Or C., Israel


Part One of the workshop explores your core values and focus question, reviews your history, looks at how you spend your time and how you would like to spend it, assesses your strengths and weaknesses and envisions your best and brightest future .

Here’s a summary of the workshop process:

  • An intimate look at your current circumstances and desired outcomes.
  • A structured look back at your life, providing more insight into where you are coming from, telling your story woven from your dreams, aspirations and life activities.
  • A look at how well your activities align with your aspirations and values.
  • Summarize your present capabilities and anticipate your future prospects.
  • Imagine yourself successfully fulfilling your vision at a specific point in the future. Images of your desired future are made intensely real and compelling, with a holistic look at what that future looks like, who will be involved, where it will unfold and how to engages your deepest hopes and desires.

"I participated in the Vision Project workshop two times. It is a wonderful experience I recommend to everyone. I really enjoyed the exercises. It felt very good to see clearly what I have achieved in my life and where I was at that time. Looking at the future and setting goals to achieve my dreams, while looking to my strengths was motivating and exciting! It was fun and life changing to me, thanks to Brian!" -- Lucile A., France


  • Expand on the themes that came out of your vision and articulate your purpose, making choices that will feed into your action plan.
  • Plot road map tasks on a timeline, consider the supports that will help you complete your tasks, and accelerate toward your vision.

Personal coaching services are available after your workshop to keep you on the right track. Contact me at to get started.

Some more testimonials from past participants . . .

"It was amazing to see my friend discover what he really wanted from life. I used what I learnt second-hand to organise my life, to understand where I want to go and how I'm going to get there. There's no chance that I'm missing it next time!" -- Anastasia S., United Kingdom

"Hey, Since leaving Koh Phangan, I've missed my many friends and wanted to share an experience I had in Sri Thanu that I would highly recommend....

My first encounter with the Vision Project was as I was walking to Orion Cafe and amongst all the flyers typical for Ko Phangan (think anything 'conscious' or 'tantric') - saw the notice for 'The Vision Project - crystalizing your life vision' and thought to myself 'Oh, finally something useful amongst all the usual dodgy stuff the island has to offer'

So when I saw there was an introduction to the Vision Project being held a few weeks later, I was actually prepared to walk the whole 10K there from my place - and so I did.

And boy am I glad I did that! Brian, who runs the project turned out to be a charming, well spoken individual with the charisma that could easily suffice for several people. We did a small section of the Vision Project there at the first workshop, enough for me to know right away that I wanted to do the full monty.

We met up with Brian twice a week over the course of the next few weeks for a couple of hours each time. The spreading out in time of our meet ups proved essential, not bc of the bits of homework assigned - but for all the thought provoking stuff that came up!

You see Ive been traveling in Asia at that point for 6 months, living my dream life, yet I was 'unclear' at best about what was the next step. I knew I wanted to be on Social Media and coach ppl about my fruitarian lifestyle, but my thoughts and ideas were all over the place.

After we completed The Vision Project - I knew exactly what steps to take and more importantly what it is that I wanna achieve? Who do I wanna be? (For me it was 'number one fruitarian female living in Asia') It is so much easier to put ideas into actions nowadays and my SM presence is much more ... hm, on point? I mean, see for yourself, join my adventures at @fit_shortie_eats on Instagram/Youtube/FB.

What I didn't expect tho is that The Vision Project cleared our a lot of personal stuff as well. I was able to see patterns in my past. I was able to see shortcomings in my personal life.

And more precious than anything - I gained dear friend!
Thank you Brian for all your help and generosity! Never will forget.
So yeah - if you're thinking about doing The Vision Project - DO IT, you won't regret it!"
-- Justyna S., Poland