Strategic Visioning: For Your Startup, Non-Profit/ NGO Or Group

Does your organization need vision lockdown? Is everyone singing off the same sheet of music? Do you have a defined, shared aspirational vision driving your team?

We will help you explore your organization’s environment, current situation and vision of a desired future state and formulate the roadmaps needed for implementation. Workshop exercises provide an energizing forum for engaging key team members.

When do you need to work on your vision?

Visioning is valuable when a team, division, or startup company requires a fresh sense of direction, or needs to reach alignment on critical priorities. The Vision Project offers a range of visioning experiences tailored to your budgets, available times and needs. You leverage our decades of experience, our best-of-class tools and our cutting edge explorations with other visionaries.

Visioning Workshop

A 1-2 day workshop exploring your past, present and future stories, resulting in a complete graphic roadmap for crafting, fulfilling and inspiring your team around a refreshed strategic vision. We will custom build a workshop for your team around a series of exercises and templates developed by the renowned San Francisco consultancy The Grove International. Here are a few examples:

  • Five Bold Steps. Get agreement on your team or organization’s bold initiatives and next steps. We will use this template to help the group reach consensus on what its goals will be in the near future and what specific actions it will be taking to achieve these goals.
  • Cover Story Vision. We will identify the most compelling hopes and dreams for your organization with a Cover Story Vision. We’ll use this exercise to help your team or your organization envision its future by imagining it has been featured on the cover of a major magazine five years in the future.
  • Journey Vision. Map out your overarching plan as a journey. With this tool, the group can explore the history and capabilities fueling its vision and create an action plan to reach its future goals. This is an excellent guide for more extensive visioning sessions.
  • Big Wave Vision. Roll out your overarching plan in three phases. We will use this graphic guide to help the group imagine how to attain its goals by breaking its initiatives into three “waves.” This template is excellent for organizations that need to align plans to developments within a larger industry.

Free Consultation

Contact me at 415-830-6350 (+66-06-3395-2325 in Thailand) or at for a satisfaction-guaranteed free consultation. We will examine how the visioning process can be used to lock down a strategic vision for your company, project or startup. Also available as a luncheon presentation.

An energizing, bold adventure awaits you!!