Support Satyama’s Campaign for “The Tao of Tantric Yoga”

My friend and coaching client Satyama Ratna Lasby is raising funds for the production and marketing of her new book. It is worth a look, and, hopefully, your support, Check out the project here. A short description:

The campaign is to fund the development, production, editing, marketing, distribution of life-long research on spiritual practice in the form of a book I have written to make the connection between practicing yoga and authentic tantric practice to heal the world. In this auspicious time of change, I need your help to make this happen and for more people to wake up to the potential that lies in ancient wisdom that can only be realized by the practitioner themselves.

The book, The Tao of Tantric Yoga is a provocative and direct account of the study, embodiment and leadership of BOTH yoga and tantra. The Tao, meaning “the way” is the way I have lived an intentional life based on love that have defined this alternative way, which I hope to share with the world. The study of meditation and intentional communities is strongly accounted for in the book, as are the principles of meditation. The book looks at life from the big picture, and through some real-life tantric lessons I account for, one can come to their own conclusions as to what makes life expansive, exciting, valuable and meaningful.


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