I visited ┬áleading Guatemalan policy institute ASIES and talked to analyst and scholar Hugo Novales Contreras. We talked about the culpability of the United States, whether democratically elected Jacobo Arbenz would have been overthrown without the CIA-sponsored invasion of 1954, and why modern military leaders and landowners pursue their grievances through democratic means (including the …

Guatemala Think Tank Scholar Hugo Novales on Never Having To Say You’re Sorry, Buying Politicians and Whether Overthrows Happen With or Without the CIA Read More »

Week One in Guatemala. A big success on a few fronts. Extraordinary encounters with prominent and everyday witnesses to the overthrow and civil war. Getting the recording tools and publishing process down. Making the travel process more efficient. Traveling by bus across Guatemala to Livingston today, a 5-6 hour trip. I’ll be reviewing and transcribing …

Week One of “War The Afterparty” in Guatemala Read More »

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