A snapshot of some of the recent reviews that have come in for “Six Days at Ronnie Scott’s.” Thanks to all the reviewers for their generous and detailed look at the work. 

What They Are Saying About “Six Days at Ronnie Scott’s”

“The book is a massive undertaking… Despite being raised a generation and culture apart from Bed-Sty raised Panamanian born William Emanuel Cobham, Jr., Gruber manages to pull off a remarkable feat of music journalism… The interviews with Cobham cover a galaxy of subjects; from the cruel realities of the New York public school system, to the rhythmic complexity of a woman sashaying when walking or the sonic intricacies of live performance…There is so much information in this book that any serious student of Jazz, Fusion or music history will reap a bountiful harvest…A nice touch is the Spotify Soundtrack for each chapter of the book that contains some very unexpected musical gems. Hats off to Brian Gruber who accomplished what few could have written with such elaborate authority.” – TWatts, Cadence Jazz Magazin

From Jon Newey, editor-in-chief of Jazzwise,the UK’s biggest selling monthly jazz magazine and the leading English language jazz magazine in Europe. “An interesting concept… his questions are knowledgeable and penetrating… rather than dallying in the kind of film-flam that obfuscates the detail, memories and opinions that make a biography breathe… Fast paced with anecdotes pouring from every page, it wraps with Cobham describing his dream line-up to play with. Want to know who? Then go grab a copy.”

From London’s Jazz FM,the UK’s “home of jazz, soul and blues” on Nigel Williams’ Saturday show, August 25th, Jazz FM’s highest rated weekly program. “The mark of a good read is something that conjures up pictures and just in that description, you’re already putting yourself backstage and seeing these conversations happen… an absolutely fascinating read. Any fan is obviously going to enjoy this.”

From Brent Keefe, Drumheadmagazine.“Remarkably, Brian Gruber’s book is the first written on this legendary musician and although not a biography, it’s certainly biographical, overlaying six days at Ronnie Scott’s with six decades of Billy’s remarkable life and career… It’s a fascinating read… Cobham opens up and discusses several topics that I have not previously seen him discuss. It’s a terrific insight into the musical and personal life of this game-changing, world class drummer and is an essential read for fans of Cobham, Jazz, fusion and the culture of the 60s and 70s.”

From Geoff Nicholls, Rhythm magazine.Five stars (highest rating). “Well-written and thought-provoking, Gruber’s book builds into a challenging document of a half-century of cutting-edge musical exploration.”

From Eric “Doc” Smith, BeyondChron.“Brian Gruber’s fantastic new book… gives us a rare, behind the scenes look at the making of a six night performance… Gruber virtually puts the reader in the cafe, the nightclub, or in the car alongside him and Cobham. There are so many fantastic stories and so much musical history… Brian Gruber’s Six Days at Ronnie Scott’s: Billy Cobham on Jazz Fusion and the Act of Creation, will certainly stand the test of time alongside some of the greatest tomes ever penned about jazz musicians.”