The Vision Project

How to Set Your Vision (And Make It Happen): The Vision Project is a fun, social, proven workshop that draws out answers you already hold within.

Visioning is a process in which images of your desired future (goals, lifestyle, outcomes) are made intensely real and compelling, acting as motivators for action in the present. I have been mentoring and leading individuals and organizations for three decades, helping them crystallize their visions and make them real. I’d like to do that for you.


Integrating a variety of leading edge methods, we will explore your answers to the great philosophical questions (Who Am I, Why Am I Here, Where Am I Going) and arrive at answers to the most pressing question of all: How Do I Get There?

Contact me at or at +66-06-3395-2325 for an initial consultation. We’ll spend time discussing the process and taking you through some initial exercises. You will leave with some fresh ideas on who you are and where you’re going in life.


For a detailed look at what to expect in your visioning experience, go to Personal Visioning.


If you are part of an organization or startup seeking to clarify your vision, visit the Strategic Visioning page.


Interested? Call me at +66-06-3395-2325 (Thailand) or +1-415-830-6350, or email me at to get started on your first session.

Reviews and Testimonials
“The Vision Project transformed my life and I highly recommend it, especially to anyone facing or seeking important transitions.  I loved the logical flow and of course Brian’s attentive and empathetic coaching. I had tough choices to make about family and lifestyle, about work and location. My action plan put me on a one year course to achieve dramatic changes in those areas and I have now fulfilled that vision, well ahead of schedule. It was an important and valuable process.” - Colleen Hale, USA
“I had the pleasure and privilege of taking part in the visioning session with Brian and it was a transformational experience. I was facing a challenging period and needed direction in both my work and personal life. It helped to clarify my purpose, true desires and action steps required to reach my goals – which were also uncovered in the workshop. Brian is also a very easygoing, highly intuitive and intelligent leader which made the experience fun and interesting.” - Nina V., Australia
“Brian has walked the walk, from being the visionary behind new media startups like to his world travel book projects. He is wise, intelligent, and compassionate. Brian has proven to be forward thinking in the massive projects he takes on, his lifestyle, and how he communicates with others. His decades of personal experience leading and mentoring people makes the visioning workshop a vital opportunity.”  - Erica V., United States
“I really enjoyed the visioning project. It helped me gain a profound realization of the path I had been on and the new direction I wanted. Brian was very helpful in guiding me through it.” - Nadine, United Kingdom
“It has been a truly transformational experience for me. With Brian's help, I have managed to get a much clearer vision for my future, and see the actions necessary to take. This has brought me greater peace and clarity in my daily life. Brian’s program dives into many other aspects of our being, and led me to other revelations about myself. Brian is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to sharpen his vision and his self understanding.”- Or C., Israel
“It was amazing to see my friend discover what he really wanted from life. I used what I learnt second-hand to organise my life, to understand where I want to go and how I’m going to get there. There’s no chance that I’m missing it next time!” - Anastasia S., United Kingdom
“I participated in the Vision Project workshop two times. It is a wonderful experience I recommend to everyone. I really enjoyed the exercises. It felt very good to see clearly what I have achieved in my life and where I was at that time. Looking at the future and setting goals to achieve my dreams, while looking to my strengths was motivating and exciting! It was fun and life-changing to me, thanks to Brian!”  - Lucile A., France