The Vision Project

Visioning is a process in which images of your desired future (goals, lifestyle, outcomes) are made intensely real and compelling, acting as motivators for action in the present. I have been mentoring and leading individuals and organizations for three decades, helping them crystallize their visions and make them real. I’d like to do the same for you.

Integrating a variety of leading edge methods, we will explore your answers to the great philosophical questions (Who Am I, Why Am I Here, Where Am I Going) and arrive at answers to the most pressing question of all: How Do I Get There?

The Project consists of seven exercises that crystallize in detailed form the life you want to live. Do all the exercises in one weekend, or take some time for reflection by doing them over the course of a week or two. The program can be done virtually over Skype, or in person.


Workshop sessions provide:

An intimate look at your current circumstances, core values, and desired outcomes.

A structured look back at your life, telling your story woven from your dreams, aspirations, and life activities.

A look at how well your daily life activities align with your aspirations and values.

A summary of your present capabilities and future prospects.

We then expand on the themes that came out of your vision and articulate your purpose, making choices that will feed into your action plan. Then we plot road map tasks on a timeline, consider the supports and resources that will help you complete your tasks, and forge a path toward the realization of your vision.

Interested? Email me at to get started with a free consultation. The Vision Project is fun, effective, and deeply satisfying.

Reviews and Testimonials

"Brian was a supportive mentor, helping me through the work, always keeping me focused and on track.  Because of it, I have a clearer vision in my own life and I'm passionate about the choices I've made.  The Vision Project gave me the tools, but it is Brian's skill, kindness, and expertise that showed me how to steer my own course to the life I want.  I'm so grateful and would strongly recommend Brian and The Vision Project highly." - Susan P., United States

"It’s been quite a journey since I completed the Vision Project with Brian two years ago. The experience was exactly what I needed during a difficult transition in my life.  The process produced the actions needed to make significant changes in my life.  It’s like creating a map to help guide you to your intended destination.  Just stay on the path and the results will be transformative and fulfilling." - Joan C., United States

“The Vision Project transformed my life and I highly recommend it, especially to anyone facing or seeking important transitions.  I loved the logical flow and of course Brian’s attentive and empathetic coaching. I had tough choices to make about family and lifestyle, about work and location. My action plan put me on a one year course to achieve dramatic changes in those areas and I have now fulfilled that vision, well ahead of schedule.” - Colleen H., United States
“I had the pleasure and privilege of taking part in the visioning session with Brian and it was a transformational experience. I was facing a challenging period and needed direction in both my work and personal life. It helped to clarify my purpose, true desires and action steps required to reach my goals, also uncovered in the workshop. Brian is also a very easygoing, highly intuitive and intelligent leader which made the experience fun and interesting.” - Nina V., Australia
“Brian has walked the walk, from being the visionary behind new media startups like to his world travel book projects. He is wise, intelligent, and compassionate. Brian has proven to be forward thinking in the massive projects he takes on, his lifestyle, and how he communicates with others. His decades of personal experience leading and mentoring people makes the visioning workshop a vital opportunity.”  - Erica V., United States
“I really enjoyed the visioning project. It helped me gain a profound realization of the path I had been on and the new direction I wanted. Brian was very helpful in guiding me through it.” - Nadine, United Kingdom
“It has been a truly transformational experience for me. With Brian's help, I have managed to get a much clearer vision for my future, and take necessary actions, bringing greater peace and clarity in my daily life. Brian’s program led me to many personal revelations. He is a pleasure to work with, recommended to anyone who wants to sharpen their vision and self-understanding.” - Or C., Israel
“I participated in the Vision Project workshop two times. It is a wonderful experience I recommend to everyone. I really enjoyed the exercises. It felt very good to see clearly what I have achieved in my life and where I was at that time. Looking at the future and setting goals to achieve my dreams, while looking to my strengths was motivating and exciting! It was fun and life-changing to me, thanks to Brian!”  - Lucile A., France