The Vision Project

How to Set Your Vision (And Make It Happen): The Vision Project is a fun, social, proven workshop that draws out answers you already hold within.

Visioning is a process in which images of your desired future (goals, lifestyle, outcomes) are made intensely real and compelling, acting as motivators for action in the present. I have been mentoring and leading individuals and organizations for three decades, helping them crystallize their visions and make them real. I’d like to do that for you.


Integrating a variety of leading edge methods, we will explore your answers to the great philosophical questions (Who Am I, Why Am I Here, Where Am I Going) and arrive at answers to the most pressing question of all: How Do I Get There?

Contact me at or at +66-06-3395-2325 for an initial consultation. We’ll spend time discussing the process and taking you through some initial exercises. You will leave with some fresh ideas on who you are and where you’re going in life.


For a detailed look at what to expect in your visioning experience, go to Personal Visioning.


If you are part of an organization or startup seeking to clarify your vision, visit the Strategic Visioning page.


Interested? Call me at +66-06-3395-2325 (Thailand) or +1-415-830-6350, or email me at to get started on your first session.

Reviews and Testimonials

“Brian is helping me start up my blog. It is so amazing to have him holding my hand in this new adventure.  I couldn’t wish for anyone better in coaching and guiding me through this process!”- Caroline O., The Netherlands
“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re facing an open page or blank laptop screen. It’s critical that you work with someone who will respect what you are offering while gently pushing you to keep going. I’ve had the good fortune to have worked with Brian for several years and he has been a great sounding board, a helpful guide, and always fun to work with.”- Bill O, United States
“I had a strong calling to explore an important recent chapter in my life through writing and I called on Brian to help guide me through the process. Through a series of coaching sessions and participation in his weekly writers group, I was able to give voice to experiences and emotions I was holding deep within. Brian is an empathetic and skilled coach and I recommend him to anyone wanting to heal through the art of creative expression.” - Chojin K., The Netherlands
“Brian is a brilliant writing coach. He is inspiring, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. I actually enjoy the ways Brian holds me accountable. He cares about the completion of my creative project, and is willing to dish out tough love when I need it; but he also cares about me as a person, and encourages me to find work/life/creativity balance. As a result, my writing comes from a joyful place, instead of one filled with heavy obligation.”- Katie Mae S., United States