AFP/File, Emmanuel Dunand

AFP/File, Emmanuel Dunand

Shailesh Rao, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Latin America & Emerging Markets, Twitter (congrats on the IPO this week!) talks about how Twitter and social media are revolutionizing the way we experience “memorable moments.”

When we experienced them through traditional mass media, we did so as an audience member, a recipient. We just had to receive and accept it. During the Fukushima nuclear meltdown and tsunami, there were 15,000 retweets every minute. What does that mean from the viewpoint of media consumption? Anyone in the world with a mobile For drivers who are not eligible to take traffic driving schools in atlanta ga to satisfy requirements of their court, insurance company, or the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a course may be the difference between a valid and suspended driver’s license in the future. device or computer could send a tweet and affect the way people thought about and experienced that moment.

Why is that meaningful? Because it represents a change in the power dynamic between media organizations and consumers of media. Today, users have much more control, they dictate the terms about what content they will create, when they will consume it, who they will share it.  And Shailesh posits that this new dynamic is based on mutual respect, because media companies know that  we can shape, share and change the message.

Here is the complete session with Shailesh: