It’s a great joy to help aspiring writers advance their projects, whether spoken word presentations, poetry compilations, or full-length books. Every Tuesday night, Writers of Koh Phangan, a group I founded earlier this year, meets on our Thai island, to write, share and connect. I had the particular pleasure of working with local writers on their Phangan Slam spoken word presentations (photos below), and their ongoing writing projects. Here’s what they shared about our work together.

From Romanian poet Andreea Tănăsoaica,

“Coaching with Brian was brilliant. His straight-forward questions made everything simpler, more pragmatic and actionable. He motivated me to look at my writing as a project, to dare call it a book and he demystified the process of turning a creative project into a published work. I wrote so much more after our meeting and I feel so inspired. Very grateful, looking forward to continue.”


From the UK’s Gemini Adams,

Brian Gruber is brilliant. So present. Extremely insightful. Wise. He helped me refine a provocative piece I’d penned to share at a conference of world leaders, and gave me powerful tools for bringing out the best of it through my delivery. Including very helpful ways of actually enjoying the experience of standing in stage publicly calling people out!”

Check out the Writing Coaching page for details n how to get your book project to completion.