Visioning Client Gets to 20 Million YouTube Subs With Front Page Press

I had the great pleasure of doing a visioning process with the radiant Justyna Stoklosa two years ago. We plotted out a bold future, and this recent press is a small reflection of the brilliant and impressive life journey she has staked out. Koh Phangan seems an unusually good incubator for people seeking something very different out of life. Big hugs from afar.

Here is the New York Post front cover. The Murdoch papers of course use the ‘crazy hippie’ clickbait angle but great exposure.



Here is Justyna’s Facebook post announcing the press:

“Feeling high” in the New York Post. If you read the Daily Mail article yesterday, this one is on a similar note just in short form (btw the Daily Mail article already has 20K shares in under two days which just blows my mind – big thanks to everyone that reposted it – we love you for sharing our story with the world and we’re sending many good vibes your way! ?❤️) Still, I never thought possible that media as mainstream as The New York Post would pick up the story of our unorthodox lifestyle…


And a very nice note from her on Facebook reminiscing about our visioning process:

Justyna Stoklosa Brian, I will never forget your kindness. You proved a great friend in a time of need, a supportive shoulder AND you threw a goodbye party for me driving to the next town just to get my favorite papaya salad.

You visioning plan let me see patterns in my past where relationships got in the way of pursuing my highest excitement and a too-tight bond with my parents kept me from making bold and gutsy lifestyle choices.

You also ‘forced’ me to actually phrase what I want to achieve and that was then ‘no 1 fruitarian female in SE Asia’. Since then I have changed it to ‘no 1 fruitarian in the world’ altho my fiancé always laughs at this ego-driven aim. I am still very ambitious, and that is never going to change as my ‘work’ is my highest excitement and doesnt feel like work. Altho nowadays its more about helping people rather than being number one in anything.

As a side note: our Youtube channel reached 20 million views in its first year of existence. We are invited as guest speakers to all the fruit festivals around the world. We have more ppl wanting to come to our retreats that we will be able to host this year. After the huge media storm of the last few days, a couple of big TV shows have reached out.

All that doesnt matter in the face of finding Simon, the love of my life, my fruitarian fiance, 13 years my junior.

I will always be super grateful for your help and support, Brian, will never forget ?



Subscribe to her YouTube page – it has 20 million views.


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