“War: The Afterparty” Apparently Has Two Talented and Devoted Interns. You Should Meet Them.

They don’t get to see magnificent new vistas or stay in hideous, cheap guesthouses…but they are an integral part of the project and seem to be having fun with it. The biggest task for now is transcription, but they are encouraged to expand to write historical backgrounders, and provide context via images and short essays and captions. They are smart, passionate about the project, eager to learn, and a delight to work with. Here are our intern bios:


Kayley bioKayley Ingalls  received her BA in International Studies in 2012 from the University of Chicago. Though her coursework includes African Politics, the Modern Middle East, and the Politics of Islam, she wrote her thesis on fairy tales and their increasing use as a vehicle for discussing the Holocaust. A good-natured stickler for grammar, she enjoys studying the subject casually and taking the odd class on mechanics and usage. Since graduating, she’s tried her hand at working as a Library Assistant and teaching summer school at an exclusive private school in Oakland, California.

Right now, she spends most of her time working as a paralegal and volunteering with a legal clinic in San Francisco. She dreams of exploring the world and hopes to find her place in it eventually, whether it be in writing, editing, law, or something she has yet to dream up.



Anaka bio

Anaka Allen is an aspiring book editor and translator of Italian literature. She earned her B.A. in Comparative Literature with a minor in Italian at Haverford College. After studying abroad for a year in Italy, Anaka now considers herself an honorary Italian and Sienese citizen.

As a means to escape her tiny apartment shared with her mom and sister, Anaka decided to study away from home for high school and college. She began her world travel with trips to her mother’s native Dominican Republic and hopes to continue the practice on every continent. A native of New York, she has long been surrounded by peoples of varying ethnic and cultural identities. As a result, she has developed an inclusive perspective and a sensitivity to the experiences of others.

She has also developed a wide range of interests, so while her passion is literature, she has long been fascinated by world history and international relations. While learning about world history, Anaka hopes to fine tune her writing and editing skills, and overcome her fear of technology by utilizing more modern platforms of communication.


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