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The Kickstarter campaign for “War: The Afterparty launches today. The campaign goal is $10,000, to fund travel costs to four regions, with a stretch goal of $20,000 to fund additional travel, editors, video production and book production and distribution.  Find out more about the campaign by visiting the Kickstarter page here:

Here is the campaign video that tells the project story in three minutes, and the text of the voiceover.

Hi, I’m Brian Gruber. Welcome to War: The Afterparty. As America considers whether to re-engage in Iraq, what can we learn from our years of military and covert actions that might inform a way forward for how and when we wage war?

We are transfixed when the provocative images of war come across our news screens. When we lose interest, when the “party is over”, do we look back and ask what were the real outcomes of those dramatic events?

I invite you to join me in doing just that. I will travel to the scenes of the major American military and covert engagements of the last half century. I’ll curate the best writing on each engagement, and collect oral histories from the people affected, the local witnesses. And I will ask the following questions.

What were the desired outcomes, and what were the actual outcomes?

How do the local narratives differ from the American narrative?

Was our government truthful as to our intentions?

What did each action cost in lives and in resources, on both sides, and to what end?

Who benefited financially?

Finally, if America is an exceptional nation, how did it live up to its moral principles?

At this moment in American history, perhaps it”s time to do a ‘field audit’ to measure the real outcomes of our investments in blood and treasure. We are called on to act as the world”s unpaid and unelected policeman in Syria, Iraq, Mali, Nigeria, Ukraine, Iran and Libya. Before we do, let”s take a collective look at how we”ve done, and assess the patterns, outcomes and moral lessons.

Who am I and why am I doing this? I was the first head of marketing for the C-SPAN public affairs network, where I hosted weekly call-in shows. I was media consultant for the World Affairs Council. I founded and ran, putting the world”s elite public forums on the web, interviewing public intellectuals and writers. And I think it”s time for a new American approach to war.

I invite you to be part of War:The Afterparty. I need your ideas, your advice, links to your favorite articles and books, your contacts, and of course your contribution to the Kickstarter campaign. We have terrific rewards: signed books, free distribution of ebooks to your friends, Google hangouts from the field, exclusive events and your name listed as a sponsor in the book and website.

I need you to help make this project successful. Consider yourself invited.