Tuesday night at 7:30pm Bangkok Time, we do our final Write Night of the current series. Then, we go on hiatus as we rethink our current slate of programs and roll out new initiatives (interested in writing with a wine and chocolate sampler overlooking the beach?).

Also, our dear Sarah Seymour is leaving the island so we will see what happens with the current “Rise & Write” Wednesday morning writer meetups. In recent months, we went to Kali, Footprints, and other local cafes to write, meet, and connect. 

Here is the posting for our last Write Night of the series. 


Writers and storytellers of any and all skill levels gather regularly to learn, write, share, and meet fellow travelers.
All Writers of Koh Phangan events are free. We share some social time, watch a master class video from a famous author about one aspect of the writing process, discuss our experiences and perspectives, then write stories using what we’ve learned.
Then, if you’re bold, share your story with the group.
June 15: Exploring Taboo and Darkness
Joyce Carol Oates on committing to what you want to write; and how to break your craft out of your comfort zone.
Non-native English speakers especially welcome (frequently half the group). We start on time, and end by 9:30.
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