Writing Coaching

Got a half-finished book in your drawer? What? You have a three book idea but haven’t written a page? You may need a combination writing coach, cheerleader, accountability partner, editor, and publishing guide. Remember what Steve Jobs said, when he was about to ship the first, flawed Macintosh? “Real artists ship.” If you need help telling a story, whether a cost-free chat, a consulting session, a coach, or a co-writer, drop me a line.


Ask about the 90-day Project Accelerator, an upfront planning session to set your intentions and process, followed by a weekly coaching session to review your work and keep you on track toward completion of your creative project. The reason people do not complete their creative project is not because they lack storytelling skills or don’t have important stories to tell. It’s that they become overwhelmed or daunted by the task. Whether it’s a muse, a writing course teacher, a best friend, a priest, or a lover, we need support and guidance on practical matters (editing, publishing, structure, finding our voice) and to keep us on our path. Email me at briankgruber@gmail.com for a free coaching session or visit my Amazon page.

Writers of Koh Phangan … is a place where both fledgling and seasoned writers may network, share, provoke, learn, and write. We meet each Tuesday for a Write Night at 7:30pm at Orion Healing Centre’s waterfront Beach Shala to share our projects, participate in fun, social writing exercises, and advance our craft. You are warmly invited and most welcome. Join us for event announcements and member sharing at our Facebook group siteWe hold our Phangan Poetry Jam periodically at Green Gallery’s under the mag tree next to the outdoor fire pit. It’s a chance to craft work for public presentation to an attentive local audience. Each month promises astounding moments of fierce, vulnerable, penetrating poetry and prose, with around 50 locals and visitors coming to present or listen. All events are free, no donations solicited or accepted. Do thank our hosts by buying a meal or a drink. Oh, and once in a while we meet to discuss a book (Siddhartha, Henry and June, Sapiens, On the Road).  You can sign up for news on events on the Facebook group page.

Reviews and Testimonials

“Brian is helping me start up my blog. It is so amazing to have him holding my hand in this new adventure.  I couldn’t wish for anyone better in coaching and guiding me through this process!”- Caroline O., The Netherlands
“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re facing an open page or blank laptop screen. It’s critical that you work with someone who will respect what you are offering while gently pushing you to keep going. I’ve had the good fortune to have worked with Brian for several years and he has been a great sounding board, a helpful guide, and always fun to work with.”- Bill O, United States
“I had a strong calling to explore an important recent chapter in my life through writing and I called on Brian to help guide me through the process. Through a series of coaching sessions and participation in his weekly writers group, I was able to give voice to experiences and emotions I was holding deep within. Brian is an empathetic and skilled coach and I recommend him to anyone wanting to heal through the art of creative expression.” - Chojin K., The Netherlands
“Brian is a brilliant writing coach. He is inspiring, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. I actually enjoy the ways Brian holds me accountable. He cares about the completion of my creative project, and is willing to dish out tough love when I need it; but he also cares about me as a person, and encourages me to find work/life/creativity balance. As a result, my writing comes from a joyful place, instead of one filled with heavy obligation.”- Katie Mae S., United States